Simon Harrison (Jack), Daniel Weyman (Miles), Beth Cordingly (Terra) and Ellie Piercy (Maya) | Sideways | St. James Theatre | Credit Tristram Kenton

Review: SIDEWAYS ★★★★

I’LL HAVE ANOTHER GLASS, FOR SURE Whether you are a wine connoisseur or if you just enjoy a glass or two a week with your dinner, SIDEWAYS will make you feel giddy with pleasure after the fresh, energetic cast take to the stage to tell the story of two best friends, Miles and Jack’s, journey […]

Daniel Weyman, Simon Harrison, Beth Cordingly & Ellie Piercy | Sideways | Credit Pamela Raith Photography

In Rehearsals with SIDEWAYS

Daniel Weyman (Miles), Simon Harrison (Jack), Ellie Piercy (Maya), Beth Cordingly (Terra), Anne Kavanagh (Phyllis/Evelyn), Kirsten Hazel Smith (Rosie/Victoria) and Daniel Barry (Chris/Daryl) form the cast for the brand new production of Rex Pickett’s critically acclaimed and much loved novel and play SIDEWAYS. SIDEWAYS opens at at the St. James Theatre for its European premiere, […]