Review: SIDEWAYS ★★★★

Simon Harrison (Jack), Daniel Weyman (Miles), Beth Cordingly (Terra) and Ellie Piercy (Maya) | Sideways | St. James Theatre | Credit Tristram Kenton


Whether you are a wine connoisseur or if you just enjoy a glass or two a week with your dinner, SIDEWAYS will make you feel giddy with pleasure after the fresh, energetic cast take to the stage to tell the story of two best friends, Miles and Jack’s, journey into the heart of wine country a week before Jacks wedding. It is the mixture of witty writing and an accomplished cast that make this play so easy to watch, creating a very honest, yet captivating, production. To be honest, I couldn’t help but want to go and get the next bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and whisk my self off on a sunny holiday after seeing the show!

The ensemble cast, lead by the very capable Daniel Weyman as Miles, is exquisite at finding the natural flow of Rex Pickett’s writing plus we have other smaller members of the cast taking multi-roles! Hats off to Ellie Collyer-Bristow for putting together such a wonderful array of actors to suit the style of the piece. With this in mind, David Grindley (director) has found the honesty of the piece, yet keeping its mischievous side right at the heart to the dismay of Miles (Weyman) who gets ‘tagged along’ by his best friend, Jack (Simon Harrison). The duo make a perfect pair in this production and keep the flame alive with their characters lust for life (and woman it would seem too). Talking of which… another mention must go to the two leading ladies, Ellie Piercy (Maya) and Beth Cordingly (Terra) who both find the strength and independence in their characters giving a bright and stimulating performance.

The set is a little laboured with the unnecessary moving of panels between scenes which, after a while got a bit tiresome, and there are one or two small plot holes in there but, all in all, i left the theatre smiling and feeling positive – which makes a very nice change indeed. Sideways is a play about friendship, travelling, passion and, of course, wine. I’ll have another glass, for sure…



26th May – 9th July

St. James Theatre

Monday – Saturday at 7:30pm
Wednesday & Saturday at 2:30pm

Tickets from £15
All Preview performances are £25 and under

0844 264 2140

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